Monday, August 29, 2005

Flags of the Day

Today is National Uprising Day in Slovakia; and Flag Day in Spain.

Animated flags provided courtesy of Pascal Gross.


At 4:51 am, Blogger José Manuel Erbez said...

Dear Devereaux,
I was surprised when I read at your excellent 'Vexillarium' that last Monday, 29th August, was Flag Day in Spain. I've never heard of it, though I'm a Spaniard and an amateur vexillologist. Could you please tell me where did you get the information about that 'Flag Day'?

Jose Manuel Erbez
La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain

At 6:18 pm, Blogger Devereaux said...

Dear José,

I take my flag days from the Flag Days of the World page of the FOTW web site at Those flag dates are not necessarily official holidays in the country in question.

That list shows 29 August as flag day, I suspect because it was on that date that the Red/Yellow/Red flag was readopted in 1936, by the monarchist forces during the Civil War. The Spanish flag has undergone changes since then, in the details of the coat of arms. Those changes were made on 2 February 1938, 11 October 1945, 21 January 1977, and 19 December 1981.

At 6:29 am, Blogger José Manuel Erbez said...

Thank you, Devereaux.
I understand the reason why 29 August is considered as Flag Day in Spain by FOTW, but, since this date is linked to a political regime thas has negative connotations for many people in Spain, I think it would be more appropriate to consider 28 May as Flag Day of Spain, since on 28 May 1785 it was issued the Royal Decree creating the red-yellow-red flag for the first time.


Jose Manuel

At 6:40 am, Blogger Devereaux said...


I agree that 28 May would be a more appropriate Spanish Flag Day.



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