Sunday, October 23, 2005

Government of Cyrpus getting serious about its flag

It seems that the Cyprian government has decided to require manufacturers of its flag to actually follow official specifications in the manufacturing process.

    ?We have investigated the whole matter. We found the original documents from the 1960s that lays out the size and shape and colours and we have developed the new specifications and design and asked the manufacturers to prepare some production samples for us because it seems every government department has been going to local manufacturers, different ones and some like the colours darker and some like them lighter. They like the map bigger or they like it smaller.?

    Christou said this has been going on for years until the original was no longer seen very often.

    ?It was like shopping for a shirt or a skirt or something,? he said, adding that all the mixing and matching to suit the buyers had resulted in the incorrect form of the flag flying on government departments, schools and other institutions.

    Christou said that from now on flags ordered by government institutions would have to come from his office and he urged other organisations and people wanting flags to purchase from there as soon as the flags become available. He said they would be sold at cost as his department was not profit-making.


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