Thursday, November 03, 2005

Flags of the Day

I will be away from the computer for several days. So, here is a list of "Flags of the Day" to cover that period.

Today is Independence Day in Dominica, Equador, Micronesia, and Panama. It is also Culture Day in Japan.

Friday is National Unity Day in Italy; and Constitution Day in Tonga.

Saturday is the anniversary of the 1st Declaration of Independence in El Salvador; Guy Fawks Day in the United Kingdom; and my Birthday.

Sunday is Flag Day in Chad and the Dominican Republic; Swedish Day in Finland; and Green March Anniversary in Morocco.

Monday is Revolution Day in Bulgaria; Day of Accord and Conciliation in Russia; and Ben Ali Takeover Anniversary in Tunisia.

Tuesday is Statehood Day in Montana.

Animated flags provided courtesy of Pascal Gross.


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