Thursday, February 09, 2006

Showing of Danish flag roils town...

...not in Syria or Gaza, but in Massachusetts!

Mark Stankiewicz, Town Manager of Stoughton, Massachusetts, "bought two Danish flags on Monday and raised one of the red-and-white banners outside the Town Hall that morning, flying it on the pole beneath the US flag."

He took the Dannebrog down the next day, after being informed that it was not proper to fly the flags of two nations on the same pole. Stankiewicz's good intentions notwithstanding, flying the flag of Denmark below the US flag was technically an insult to the Danish flag.

But it is not the unintentional faux pas that has caused an uproar. No, it is the fear expressed by an organization called The Stoughton No Place for Hate Committee that showing solidarity with an American ally and the concept of freedom of speech might "offend" radical islamists.

As for me, I am flying the Dannebrog in front of my home, on my car, and on my desk at my office.


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