Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Beauvoir and Old Capitol flags survive Katrina

Below is a post-Katrina photo of Beauvoir. Nan Prince of the Old Capitol Museum, says that the historic flags at Beauvoir (at least the ones on loan from the Old Capitol Museum) survived the hurricane and were not damaged. The flags on display at Beauvoir that belong to the Old Capitol Museum are back in Jackson now.

In response to my inquiry about damage to the Old Capitol itself, Nan writes:

    "The Old Capitol did sustain major damage. Half of the roof peeled back during the storm and some exhibit areas and one of our collections storage rooms were drenched. We are closed to the public and will probably remain so for the next several months while we repair the building. Most of the artifacts seem to be in good shape and are drying out nicely. Even though they were in the affected room, none of our flags got wet. After seeing all of the destruction in our state and Louisiana, we feel pretty lucky."


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