Saturday, September 03, 2005

Clinton (Tenn.) HS banning flags

Maryville High School in East Tennessee has attempted to get around the Constitutional impediment against banning Confederate flags from its home games by banning flags (any flags) on sticks or poles from its stadium. Students have gotten around the ban by waving flags without sticks, and wearing Confederate flag themed clothing.

Now Clinton High School, also in East Tennessee, is telling the Maryville students that they can't bring flags at all to Clinton's stadium when Maryville plays there.

    "Fans are welcome to wear anything they wish to the game," Davis said, "but if Rebel flag waving takes place inside the gates of the game, those people will be asked to leave. We've put up signs outside the fence that say, 'Please, no Rebel flags.' I've been instructed by the superintendent to not let anyone into the game who is in possession of a Rebel flag."


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