Monday, September 05, 2005

Hurricane Katrina: Blogging for Relief

I am late getting into this, but better late than never. The blog known as the truth laid bear initiated a Blog for Relief Weekend, which ends today.

The idea behind the event is of blogging focused on raising awareness of and funds for relief efforts to aid those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Glen Reynolds at Instapundit is maintainting a roundup page on the effort.

Each blogger involved encourages folks to donate to a given charity involved in Katrina relief efforts. My charity of choice is Catholic Charities USA. To donate, click here.

After you have made your contribution, to the contribution logging page at TTLB to record your donation. These folks in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are our neighbours, and need our help.

Thank you.


At 3:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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It said it killed almost 60% of those who got infected.
Is it true ?
What can we do to avoid it ?


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