Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Some Flag-related Photos from our Great Holiday

Nora, Kate, Kate's friend Elizabeth, and I spent five fun-filled days in Northern Virginia and DC, including White House tours in both Washington and Richmond. Unfortunately, photography was prohibited in both White Houses, and we forgot the cameras on our tour of Mount Vernon.

The photo above is the flag at Arlington Cemetery flying over Arlington House.

Here I am with the ensign of the CSS Shenandoah [photo by Kate].

This flag spangled shirt belonged to Surgeon Edward G. Booth of the CSS Selma.

This is one of the four prototypes of the Confederate Battle Flag. This flag was made by Hetty Cary and given by her to Gen. Joseph E. Johnston.

Here are Elizabeth and Kate with a howitzer, and a flag on the wall of the Museum of the Confederacy the identification of which I can't remember.

This is not a flag-related photo, but is a National Emblem. The statue of George Washington on the Washington Monument in Richmond became the central design of the Great Seal of the Confederate States of America.

During our holiday, we visited the graves of five Presidents, George Washington, James Monroe, John Tyler, Jefferson Davis, and John Kennedy.